Time management can be used by HR teams to manage employees scheduling according to those needs.


Attendance Tracking

Tracking employees attendance wherever, whenever you want

No matter where the employees are, HR team can always track their attendance. Employees can easily check-in in every approved location via their smartphones.


Overtime Calculation

Managing overtime calculation for all employees quickly and accurately

Calculating the overtime for each employee manually can create a huge burden for HR and Finance teams. Pegaw.ai comes with a feature that automates overtime calculation for each employee and creates faster and more accurate calculations.


Integrated with Attendance Machine

Simplifying attendance report

By using this feature, all employees can check in and out at anytime and anywhere. All data will be integrated with a company’s attendance machine to make it easier for HR teams to create attendance report.


Employee Scheduling

Improving your employee performance with an effective scheduling

Pegaw.ai provides an integrated system to help HR team arrange work schedules effectively for many employees from different divisions or units at once, in easier and faster way.

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