Payroll Administration can be used by HR teams to automate administrative processs that are related to employees’ benefits and compensation.


Payroll Journal

Leaving manual processes behind and start to automate your payroll journal

The process of manual payroll journal will consume a great deal of HR teams’ time, especially if your company has many salary components such as incentives, benefits, and many more. has payroll journal features that automates the process of employee’s payroll journal.


Taxes, BPJS Kesehatan and Ketenagakerjaan Calculation

Simplifying tax, BPJS kesehatan and ketenagakerjaan calculation

By using, HR teams can eliminate the complexity of taxes, BPJS Kesehatan and Ketenagakerjaan calculation. A complicated admistrative tasks can be simplified, so that HR teams are able to complete their tasks in fast and accurate manner.


Employee Loans

Simplifying the process of employee loans with

Offering employee loans program can be a great way to improve employee retention and loyalty to the organization. HR teams can manage the entire loan approval process digitally and transparently.


Transfer to All Banks

All bank transfers are available

Pegawai’s payroll administration features gives organizations an easiest way to automate payroll through all banks.


SPT Reporting

Getting the convenience of reporting monthly and annual employee tax’s payroll administration features also automates the tax reporting. You can customize the reports based on your company’s needs, both for monthly or annually reports.

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