The features of organization management can be used to know and manage all company information, helping HR teams and all employee work more effectively and transparently.


Cost Center Management

Simplifying your company’s cost center management

A manual cost center management has several drawbacks, such as much more time-consuming, and prone to human error. With’s Cost Center features, all costs can be grouped easily and automatically.


Visual Structure

Visualizing your organizational structure

With Visual Structure, helps HR teams to visualize the description of role, authority, responsibility, and competence of each employee within the organization to make it more clearly and easier to understand. An easy-to-understand organizational structure can help HR team to find the right employee that fits company’s needs


Job Categories

Making the qualification of job categories in an easy and rapid manner

HR teams can use this feature to manage all information about work units, positions, divisions or departments.


Organizational Details

Managing the organizational details transparently

To easily manage job descriptions, HR team can use this feature. This feature provides various options of job description templates to improve the overall company’s performance and provide clear explanation of each employee’s job responsibilities.


Approval Workflow

Submitting transaction requests independently

By using this feature, each employee can submit transaction requests directly through the system. The submission of transactions such as requesting for leave, travel expenses, promotion, performance appraisal, and recruitment can be submitted directly through’s platform without having to be manually processed by HR teams.

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