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General Questions

Pegaw.ai Official Website What is Pegaw.ai?

Pegaw.ai is a human resources management platform that consists of operative and strategic functions in HR management.

Pegaw.ai Official Website Why should I choose Pegaw.ai?

Pegaw.ai has complete features and it is an open API platform. It allows Pegaw.ai to be integrated independently by users with other company’s systems. Pegaw.ai is also designed to meet labor regulations, so there is no a big deal for business owners. They will be able to ensure that their HR operations are compliant with all Indonesian regulatory compliance.

Pegaw.ai Official Website Is Pegaw.ai trusted and secure?

It is a sure thing, Pegaw.ai is designed by experienced teams in HRMS/HRIS. The creation of all Pegaw.ai’s feature has gone through the research phase as well as HR policy standards across industries. No matter the type and size of your company, Pegaw.ai is the right solutions to your business challenges and needs.

Pegaw.ai Official Website Does Pegaw.ai ensure user data security?

All personal data in Pegaw.ai’s apps has encrypted with AES 256, it is one of the best IT security.

Pegaw.ai Official Website How do I subscribe to Pegaw.ai?

You can click through to the “pricing” page and purchase the packages provided. There are various package options available that you can choose based on the number of your employees and needs.

Pegaw.ai Official Website Which companies will benefit the most by using Pegaw.ai?

All business size (micro, small, medium to large), no matter what industry and business your company’s in, Pegaw.ai can be configured to meet your needs. We also provide Open Web API that allows you to modify Pegaw.ai’s User Interface and link it into your other existing applications.

Pegaw.ai Official Website Does Pegaw.ai open opportunities to work with other parties?

It is a sure thing, we are always open for new partnership opportunities with resellers and there will be interesting commission for our resellers. Do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team for any requirements regarding partnership with Pegaw.ai.

Pegaw.ai Official Website Which payment methods are available?

Currently, we are in partnership with PT MitraComm Ekasarana and we have been accomodating payment using credit card and GPN. With GPN, you can do payment transaction by using your favorite e-wallet such as GoPay, OVO and DANA.

Pegaw.ai Official Website What are the differences between Basic, Business, and Premium package?

Basic package consists of basic features such as employees personal data, payroll, and attendance.

Business package is the most preferred package for users because they can get all functions of basic packages with the additional modules for Performance Management and Learning Management.

Premium package is the most complete package that consists of all functions of basic and business package including additional modules for Succession Management and Recruitment Management. This package is suitable for any company that wants to advance their human resources to the next-level.

Pegaw.ai Official Website Can I request for custom features to Pegaw.ai?

For the packages available on the websites, we are currently not able to accomodate this need. However, if the custom feature is important for your business, do not hesitate to contact our Sales team. We will give you the best offer for the implementation of your custom package.


Pegaw.ai Official Website Do you have other questions?

Don't worry, you can ask further questions by clicking here. Pegaw.ai’s team will respond to your answers quickly.

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